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Below are the most common causes of car accidents in the United States. Please read them carefully so that you can be aware of these issues and to find out what actions you can start taking to prevent them.

1. Distracted Driving

Distracted driving becomes a larger threat every year and has been the leading cause of car accidents in recent decades.  Please pay attention to the road while you are driving.  That means no telephone calls (without headphones), no texting, no eating, no reading and no grooming or application of makeup while behind the wheel.  Even activities such as fiddling with your car radio (or other dashboard controls), engaging in emotional discussions or arguments with your passengers or paying undue attention to roadside events can cause accidents.  Texting while driving is becoming an especially growing problem, as it causes drivers to divert their eyes from the road.  Even a moment's distraction could be enough to cause an accident.


2. Drunk or Otherwise Intoxicated Driving 

Drunk driving is one of the most dangerous causes of accidents in the U.S. and is the most deadly.  If you have had anything to drink, take a taxi or give your keys to a sober friend.  It is not worth the risk, as you should not drive if your reflexes, judgment or sensory capabilities are impaired.  Also included in this category is driving while under the influence of other intoxicating non-alcoholic drugs, regardless of whether those other drugs are legal or illegal, or whether those drugs were prescribed by a doctor.  For example, there have been a growing number of reported accidents caused by people driving while under the influence of Ambien or other sleep aids.

3. Speeding

Although it can be tempting to push the speed limit when you are running late, speeding is the second most common cause of car accidents, so you should resist the urge and stay within the legal limits.  Anyway, given all the red lights, stop signs and just general traffic conditions that you face on the road, the amount of time you might save by speeding is far less than you might imagine.

4. Reckless Driving

Changing lanes too quickly, speeding well over the limit, and otherwise acting aggressively on the roads can lead to horrible accidents.  It is important to take your time and remain calm while driving to avoid needless accidents caused by simple carelessness or aggressiveness.  Also on the rise are road rage incidents.  If another driver acts improperly towards you, such as by cutting you off or tailgating, just let it go.  It serves no purpose to reciprocate and cause a fist fight, or worse, a car accident.

5. Rain or Other Inclement Weather

While you can’t always avoid driving in the rain or other bad weather conditions, slippery and treacherous road conditions caused by heavy rains, hail and snow should be avoided when at all possible.  If visibility is too low to drive (such as caused by heavy fog) or the roads seem particularly slick, you should pull over and wait until the storm passes.  The roads are often the most slick just as a rain starts, which is when the water mixes with the oils in the road surface.

6. Running Red Lights

It may seem obvious, but it bears repeating -  red means stop.  Even if it seems like no other cars are near, you can cause a serious accident by running a red light and you will be breaking the law.  We’ve heard many excuses from busy folks trying to run through red lights while thinking about work and being otherwise distracted.  Understand that life itself is precious and cannot be replaced and is more important than all these other issues.  Besides, you never know when another car or pedestrian will suddenly appear seemingly out of nowhere.

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